I want to be direct, honest and personal here. I am a restless and driven visionary with big ideas, huge dreams and dedication. My dream is too large and too scary, I want to be famous. I am aware that some people would consider it “shallow” or “meaningless,” but I don’t. Fame is not just about camera flashes, red carpets and fancy lifestyles. It’s about influence, love and responsibility. It’s a tool that can and should be used for the grater good. I want to write, direct and star in my own movies. I want to lose the ability to walk down the street like regular people. I want to see my face on magazine covers and movie posters. One day I want to invite my mom to watch one of my movies at a late night show. I come from a famous family, and I want my fame to exceed all of their accomplishments combined.

I will stamp my fame on men’s minds forever – Gilgamesh.