In 2011, I co-founded the Syrian-American Network for Aid and Development (SANAD). SANAD is an independent organization launched in Washington, D.C. dedicated to supporting Syrian refugees, families and children, as they escape the ongoing conflict in Syria. The word SANAD ( ْسَنَد ) comes from the Arabic language, meaning support. SANAD is for education, children and refugees.

Our projects include:

  • I am Syria Campaign
    • A non-profit media based campaign that seeks to educate the world of the Syrian Conflict. This movement is dedicated to let the people of Syria know that the world is supporting them through video, pictures, and media attention.
  • Tomorrow’s Children: Syria’s Not Lost Generation
    • A documentary film series about Syrian refugee children stuck in child labor.
  • SANAD School

To learn more about SANAD, please visit our website.